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    The Health Professional's Guide to Tellington TTouch

    The Health Professional's Guide to Tellington TTouch

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    TTouch for Healthcare: The Health Professional’s Guide to Tellington TTouch

    by M. Cecilia Wendler, RN, PhD, CCRN and Linda Tellington-Jones


    Tellington TTouch has emerged as a natural healing modality for humans. Used by nurses, physicians, physical therapists, massage and cranial-sacral therapists, as well as Feldenkrais practitioners and other healthcare professionals and caregivers around the world, TTouch provides a unique opportunity for expression of support and caring, and well as relief of a multitude of symptoms. TTouch for Healthcare is the professional’s guide to integrating Tellington TTouch for enhanced care and patient empowerment. A two-hour and forty minutes DVD is included with this book.

    Published by Tellington TTouch Training, Santa Fe , New Mexico , 2008.


    Softbound: 210 pages; 8.5" x 10.75"; 130 photos/drawings; a two-hour and fourty minute DVD included.

    ISBN: 978-1-57843-047-5